Lauda Domini 2023 Youth Choir Festival Istructions And Guidelines

Note: Registering for this event implies agreement and compliance with the rules and guidelines of the festival.

1. Please fill out online registration form with intent to participate and preliminary information about your choir/group by Monday, November 1st

2. By Wednesday, February 5th please email the following to

♪ A short description of the choir / music group and of the church it represents

♪ A digital picture (preferably in color) of the group and of the conductor(s)

♪ The name of the songs to be interpreted by the choir/group – each group should indicate the songs they will be presenting (3-4 songs) from their repertoire used in their regular church services.

♪ The name of the musical composer and text writer

♪ The duration of each song

♪ Acapella or with accompaniment

3. The dress attire for Sunday when the choirs and groups will unite into one choir:

♪ Ladies:  White blouses; black long ankle length skirts; black shoes

♪ Gentlemen:  White dress shirts; black suites: pants and coat; black ties; black shoes

4.  Each choir/group will pay a $150 fee / group to participate.  This fee can be paid on site by cash or check and will cover the following costs:    

♪ Music sheets for the choral music that we will sing together. 

♪ The cost of the materials for the seminars.

♪ The printing of the programs for Sunday.